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I’m so excited to share about this timeless wedding weekend that flawlessly melded elegance and sustainability in the breathtaking coastal haven of Santa Barbara, California. This enchanting celebration, meticulously planned by the renowned Rare Bird Collective, unfolded as a manifestation of dreams, with every detail perfectly tailored to reflect the unique love story of Jessica and Zach. Embark on a journey through this remarkable wedding, infused with Scandinavian charm, quiet luxury, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. As we delve into the narrative, join us in discovering the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that created an unforgettable destination wedding experience for guests from all over the world.

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Featured in The Wed and by NY Brides Magazine

Nestled along the picturesque California coastline, Santa Barbara served as the captivating backdrop for this extraordinary celebration. Los Angeles locals, Jessica and Zach, wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to celebrate their union in Santa Barbara’s natural splendor and its idyllic climate. The azure skies, sun-drenched hills, bright spring blooms, and sweeping ocean views at every turn provided a breathtaking canvas for our artistic vision for their wedding to flourish.


Jessica wanted above all else for their wedding day to be a celebration they could enjoy with their guests that traveled from as far as Sweden to attend. She wanted to enjoy her wedding as a guest and let me manage all the details for her.

“Andrea went above and beyond and provided us with things we didn’t even realize we needed. She is the best. That’s all. WE just loved having her involved and couldn’t be more grateful for all that she did to make our wedding perfect.”

From the first consultation to the final dance, I brought to life Jessica and Zach's wedding vision with my signature blend of creativity, expertise, and unwavering dedication. As a full-service wedding planning agency, Rare Bird Collective ensured that no detail was overlooked, crafting a seamlessly coordinated and unforgettable celebration.


Jessica's Swedish ancestry served as an inspiration for the wedding design, infusing the celebration with an elevated Scandinavian touch. The ceremony, held at the Singleton Pavilion in Elings Park, was adorned with delicate floral arrangements reminiscent of Swedish folk art and traditional floral motifs. Puni Petals, the esteemed floral design studio, wove an enchanting tapestry of blooms, combining local Santa Barbara flowers with seasonal European varieties, paying homage to Jessica's roots. 

A Tapestry of Love and Heritage

To satiate the palates of the esteemed guests, Rare Bird Collective collaborated with The Lark, a culinary gem renowned for its commitment to sustainable and locally sourced cuisine. The reception, hosted at the Santa Barbara Wine Collective, provided an intimate and elegant ambiance, perfectly suited for an indulgent celebration. The Lark's expert chefs crafted a sumptuous menu delighting taste buds and fostering a memorable culinary journey for all in attendance.

A Feast for the Senses

Jessica is a model, musician, and creative consultant who exudes natural radiance and grace. She made easy work for the talented Dani of Bae Bar LA and Janet of BE.NY LA who styled the bride’s hair and makeup, respectively, with a touch of sophisticated glamour. Together, these beauty artisans ensured that the bride glowed with a quiet, ethereal elegance befitting the enchanting atmosphere of the celebration.

Beauty and Elegance Personified

Evan Davies Photo, a master of visual storytelling, encapsulated the essence of the day through his incredible photography and videography. Evan shot photos in digital and film in addition to filming video of every moment of their day to capture the emotion and full story of Jessica and Zach’s love story. Evan’s talent for capturing raw emotions and candid moments ensured that Jessica and Zach's wedding would be immortalized in breathtaking imagery serving as cherished mementos for generations to come. Evan Davies Photo artfully captured the fusion of luxury, tranquility, and natural beauty that defined this wedding, creating a treasure trove of memories for the couple and their loved ones.

Timeless Editorial Photography + Videography

Every unforgettable celebration deserves a delectable finale, and Roxanne Rosensteel, an esteemed Santa Barbara pastry chef, crafted an exquisite wedding cake that embodied the spirit of luxury and artistry. Roxanne created two designer cakes for Jessica and Zach - a cardamom olive oil sponge cake layered with vanilla bean cream and berry jam layers with vanilla bean buttercream frosting and a vegan chocolate cake layered with berry jam and salted caramel creme layers and vanilla bean buttercream frosting. Combining elements of Swedish flavor profiles with contemporary techniques, the cakes became culinary masterpieces that delighted both the eyes and the taste buds, providing a fittingly sweet conclusion to this opulent affair and that the bride and groom got to enjoy with coffee on their first morning as newlyweds.

A Sweet Culmination

Rare Bird Collective’s exceptional expertise, creativity, and attention to detail ensured that Jessica and Zach’s destination wedding in Santa Barbara transcended the realm of ordinary celebrations, becoming an indelible mark of opulence, sustainability, and a thoughtful ode to Jessica’s Swedish heritage. From the ethereal floral designs by Puni Petals to the sumptuous feast carried out by The Lark and Santa Barbara Wine Collective, every element showcased the seamless fusion of luxury and class. This extraordinary celebration, captured by Evan Davies Photo, will forever stand as a testament to Rare Bird Collective’s unwavering commitment to crafting extraordinary wedding experiences that feel heartfelt and will never be forgotten. If you too are looking to weave your love story into the fabric of a timeless destination wedding, immersed in luxury and sophistication, I’d be honored to be trusted to transform your dreams into a breathtaking reality.

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“Everything ended up being so                 - We wouldn't change a thing. Everything came together so well. Andrea was                        



Ceremony Venue | Elings Park - Singleton Pavilion
Reception Venue | Santa Barbara Wine Collective
Photography + Videography | Evan Davies Photo
Floral Design | Puni Petals
Event Planning | Rare Bird Collective
Rentals | Casas Party Rentals
Draping | Spark Creative Events
Placecards | Betty Ling Calligraphy
Hair | Bae Bar LA
Makeup | BE.NY LA
Music | DJ Stepmom
Catering | The Lark

Cake | Roxanne Rosensteel Cakes
Transportation | Rockstar Trolley
Ceremony Dress | A La Robe from The White Room
Second Look | Stine Goya
Shoes | Neous
Jewelry | Alighieri
Rehearsal Dress | Paris Georgia
Rehearsal Shoes | Sania D’mina
Rehearsal Jewelry | Leigh Miller
Ceremony Suit | Armani
Reception Suit | Banana Republic
Rings | Kinn Studio / Stacy Nolan


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