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We don't just plan curated events + destination weddings. We sculpt unforgettable journeys infused with the soul of your unique story for visionaries who crave exquisite experiences. From eco-conscious escapes to remarkable hidden estates, your event becomes a passport to a world defined by a legacy of unforgettable memories that echo through generations.

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No matter the occasion, let us orchestrate every detail. You dream it, we bring your vision to life crafting experiences that leave your guests breathless.

Journey beyond the vineyard with our bespoke wine tastings tailored to your palate and to impress your inner circle.

Savor the art of culinary storytelling with intimate dinners that redefine gourmet and ignite your senses with memories that linger long after the last bite.

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Hi, I'm Andrea

Your co-creator of memories and event alchemist.

I'm a dreamweaver, confidante, and believer in the power of connection we get from celebrating together. With 15 years of crafting luxury experiences, I craft events that transcend the ordinary, leaving everyone breathless with delight.

Wine Tastings +
Chef Dinners

Savor the finer things in life. Immerse yourself in exclusive wine tastings and intimate chef dinners that are as much about connection as they are about culinary artistry. 

22nd Annual James Beard Benefit
Carefree Telluride Executive Retreat
Moroccan  Anniversary in Taos
Farm-to-Table Vineyard Dinner

You were amazing and made our elopement so special. 

Loved everything!! 

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Be inspired by breathtaking destinations, exquisite details, and immerse yourself in the world of bespoke celebrations from destination weddings to uncorked wine tastings to insatiable chef dinners.

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