The Sweetest Family Wedding in Southwest Colorado

Mary Ellen and Marvin's exquisite small wedding in the enchanting landscapes of Southwest Colorado at the magnificent Dunton Hot Springs was such a lovely and intimate family affair. Mary Ellen, a talented wedding planner from Telluride, embarked on a journey of love and intentionality, choosing the perfect venue to honor their deep connection to the land they call home. Join me as we explore the meticulous planning, the amazing vendors, and the undeniable luxury that defined their extraordinary celebration.

Mary Ellen and Marvin's love story was one that unfolded with grace and authenticity. As a wedding planner herself, Mary Ellen knew that their special day needed to reflect their profound love for one another and their reverence for the stunning landscapes of Southwest Colorado. With unwavering intentionality, they embarked on a journey to create a celebration that would leave a lasting impression on their hearts and the hearts of their loved ones.

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Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the San Juan mountains, Dunton Hot Springs stands as a testament to the couple's deep connection to the land since they’re local to the area. This luxurious Relais + Chateaux venue became the perfect canvas for Mary Ellen and Marvin's intentional ceremony, showcasing the beauty of their surroundings and embodying the essence of their love for Colorado. With its historic charm and natural splendor, Dunton Hot Springs provided the idyllic backdrop for their unforgettable wedding.

Mary Ellen and Marvin understood the importance of preserving the precious moments of their wedding day for generations to come. They carefully selected renowned photographers Tec Petaja and videographers Jason + Daris Photocinema to immortalize their love story. Through their artistry and keen eye for detail, these talented professionals captured the essence of the celebration, weaving together a visual tapestry of emotion, joy, and the undeniable luxury that enveloped their day.

Mary Ellen and Marvin's three beautiful daughters were the key in their special day, radiating joy and love as they witnessed their union of a love they’ve grown up witnessing. Their presence added an extra layer of whimsy and enchantment to the wedding celebration, making it a true reflection of the couple's commitment to all of the most important pieces of their relationship and lives. Each moment was infused with laughter, tenderness, and the unbreakable bond that they all share.

Dunton Hot Springs: Where Love and Land Collide

Capturing Timeless Moments

Incomparable Love of Family

Mary Ellen and Marvin's wedding exuded an aura of unmistakable luxury, seamlessly intertwined with authenticity. The design elements were carefully curated to reflect their love for Telluride and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Rare Bird Collective meticulously styled the luxurious touches, captivating floral arrangements, and sophisticated decor that showcased the couple's unique style. Every detail spoke to their profound connection, resulting in an atmosphere of elegance and grandeur.

Mary Ellen and Marvin's luxurious wedding at Dunton Hot Springs was a true reflection of their love for one another and their cherished home of Telluride. With Rare Bird Collective's exceptional planning, Tec Petaja's artful photography, and Jason + Daris Photocinema's captivating videography, their celebration transcended the boundaries of time and space. If you are looking for a wedding that combines luxury, intentionality, and an unwavering commitment to capturing unforgettable moments, Look no further than Rare Bird Collective.

A celebration of Authenticity

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Venue | Dunton Hot Springs
Wedding Planner | Bride
Venue Coordinator | Rare Bird Collective
Photography | Tec Petaja
Videography | Jason + Daris Photocinema
Makeup | ShayLynn Serlath from Telluride Facials
Dress | Danielle Frankel Studio


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