Meet Catherine

Rare Bird Collective is based upon the idea that being a little different can be a catalyst for community. In the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, where everything goes so fast that slowing down to taste your food is a realistic daily challenge, I works hard to make family-centric sustainable living choices for myself, my husband, and our two young daughters.

Hello, I’m Catherine. I’m a hand’s on and eco-minded kind of girl. I love to reuse, repurpose, and create from scratch. And while messy projects are my idea of a good time, being elbow deep in DIY-land is really my third great love, edged out by my love of food. In my quaint little 1960s throwback kitchen, I cook with and eat almost everything but refined sugars, legumes, corn, and grains. And not to be cliché or anything {actually I don’t care; cliché is AWESOME}, but my forever first love is my family. D’awwwwww!


On food: I stopped eating gluten in college, after suffering from years of chronic migraines, acne, and a handful of less-than-savory digestive ailments. I also had a serious case of wheat belly, and it was uncomfortable and embarrassing. Pairing all of that nastiness with a serious eating disorder had me on my knees and ready for a major change. Since then, I have gradually made the shift to feeding myself and my family a collection of food that generally resembles the Primal Blueprint diet. This works for us.

this bad boy went on our Christmas card

My family deserves to eat well, and so I put a lot of myself into making it happen. I’m constantly experimenting in the kitchen, creating and modifying a collection of healthy meals and snacks. My messy kitchen notebook is now packed with recipes that help to keep us eating well and feeling great. Even my picky four-year-old, Vivienne, gets her fill of kid-friendly eats.

Yes, she really is this sassy.

mountains are for conquering

Speaking of Viv, she’s quite a gal. She’s hilarious, over-the-top, and at times a downright diva. She also has fantastic observational skills. Like her keen ability to pick up on the strengths of others. An example: a few weeks ago she told my husband of a very special talent of mine. It’s my bank shot. 

She said, “Daddy, mommy has a very special talent.”

“Oh yeah,” he agreed, “she’s a very talented lady. She has a LOT of talents.”

“No, no, she only has that one. But she’s really good at it. She gets the diaper in every time!”

Which brings me to Lucy, of the diaper. Lu-bug is a plump and delicious babe. She’s an ecstatic nurser and chortles at just about everything. Clearly, she’s takes after her father, Jonathan.

sun protection at its finest

Check out those cheeks!

Jonathan, who loves to eat but never gains weight {damn you, metabolism}, is my biggest fan. Jon Jon is a left-brained ENFJ {Meyers Briggs!} psychotherapist. Thankfully, we complement each other perfectly. On a typical day, I can be found wandering aimlessly around the house making enormous messes while he, bless his heart, follows me with methodical precision, cleaning up. That’s what it’s all about, yeah? 

Did I mention I’m his biggest fan, too?

While he still inwardly cringes every time I get that “imma MAKE something” look in my eyes {progress; he used to very outwardly cringe and beg me to please consider going the retail route instead}, Jonathan is totally on-board with the food stuff. He’s noticed a huge difference in how he feels, holistically, as a result of the elimination of processed foods, refined sugars, and, most notably, gluten.

My day job as a high school teacher is a great gig, but spending time away from my family during the work-week hours isn’t fun sucks. Anyway, since I spend my weekends screen-free, I plan to use the time I spend at work pumping breast milk to update my blog. You’re welcome for the visual.  And enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Meet Catherine

  1. savvydiabetic

    Amazing and WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the Savvy nod! Let me know when you go live … so I can let everyone know. I have some friends who will ADORE this! Could you do a short comparison of Primal vs. Paleo? YEAHHHHH, CAT!!!

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  2. M Rene Bradshaw

    I tried this out, and used tapioca starch instead of arrowroot - didn’t stick, which is of course my fault. It was delicious anyways, and I look forward to trying it again with the proper stuff.

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