{DIY} sharpie headboard decal

This post is inspired by Vivienne. When she was three, she got her hot little hands on a Sharpie and went to town on every surface imaginable, including her face. Now before you get all judgy, let me tell you that I was nine months pregnant at the time. And as we all know, at nine months of pregnancy all parental oversights are executively dismissed without question.

black sharpie | Rare Bird Collective

And on to Sharpies. I fracking love them. They’re a quintessential DIY tool, about as multifunctional as it gets. Sharpies can be used to update plain white cabinet pulls, create easy-peasy-fancy nail art, transform lamp shades and throw pillows, make custom wall art, and create furniture decals. For the single dollar that it costs me to buy a Sharpie from Staples in August when they go on back-to-school special {I hoard every year in August}, I can create at least three or four custom wall or furniture decals. Since basic wall decals run about $30-$50 a pop from retailers like Urban Outfitters, one little Sharpie has the potential to save you upward of a Benjamin. Cash rules, Wu Tang. Cash rules.

But something I find even more exciting that saving money is creating a piece of furniture from scratch, using repurposed scrap materials. That’s what I did when I make our headboard. I’ve been intending to add a Sharpie decal since it’s inception and I’ve finally had the opportunity to get it done.

Remember how this post was inspired by Vivienne? So was the actual decal. Viv is facinated by seeding dandelions. She calls them “blow flowers,” and when she sees one her entire world stops for a moment so that she can make a wish and blow. I knew she’d flip out  when I told her I was going to draw a dandelion decal for the headboard. She loves it - LOOOOVES it.

Here’s a brief pictorial:

DIY dandelion decal | Rare Bird Collective

After the basic design has been laid out, it’s time to work on the detail.

dandelion decal | Rare Bird Collective

Adding several more seeds helps to fill out the design.

dandelion decal | Rare Bird Collective

I used a moist sponge to buff the seeding section of the decal - this creates a shadowing effect.

dandelion decal | Rare Bird Collective

Finish by doing one final touch-up over the entire decal with your Sharpie.

dandelion decal | Rare Bird Collective

Last but not least, pose a baby on your bed because babies are cute.


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