{DIY} refurbished antique dresser and mirror

I found this extremely dirty and generally unloved dresser on Craiglist for free. Then I found this mirror at the Goodwill for $16 bucks. Both are antique, and while I’m no appraiser, I’d say I could cash them in for a pretty penny at an antique market. Too bad I love them so much and would never sell them ever.


Obviously, the first step in this project was a thorough cleaning.


Still cleaning…


I think the compartmentalized top drawer is so awesome. Everything in its place! But probably not for long…


Chalk paint is where it’s at. I love to make my own. Chalk paint = no sanding. I sanded a tiny bit anyway, though, because there were a few spots that just looked like they should be sanded.

painted 1

I picked yellow because I looooooove yellow. And I had some a lot of leftover yellow paint to use up. Not-a-pro-tip: before you paint drawers, take off the pulls.


Check out the detail! To antique the pulls, I cleaned them really well with a toothbrush and some silver cleaner, then I applied a super light coat of antique white paint and sanded the ridges. Love the result.


Fancy, fancy. Pretty nice lines, she has.


I found this lovely shelf liner on etsy for super cheap. I tried really hard to buy local, but I couldn’t find anything that worked. I think the gray chevron pattern complements the yellow quite nicely.


Don’t forget your furniture wax!


Lining shelves and drawers is a great way to add some cool detail to a project while upping the functionality of the piece. These drawers are now protected and easy to clean.


And she’s done! I found and added the mirror as an afterthought {I’d originally planned to hang a picture, but had a change of heart}. I’m very happy with the final product.

dresser collage

This DIY refurbish took a total of 2-3 hours, and involved a thorough cleaning {in and out}, some light sanding, chalk painting, antiquing the pulls, waxing, and hanging the mirror.

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