{Paleo, grain-free, no added sugar} cinnamon raisin bread

paleo cinnamon bread | Rare Bird Collective

In case you missed it, I very recently perfected my paleo sandwich bread recipe. I’m now enthusiastically preparing to embark upon my voyage into breadmania. I’m starting out with a cinnamon raisin bread recipe because whenever I go to Whole Foods I catch a whiff of … Continue reading

{DIY} aging/antiquing new wood

photo 1

I found these fence boards on the 70% off pile at the Home Depot a few days ago. During the week or so prior, I’d been trolling the craigslist ads in search of some old wood for repurposing, with the idea that I’d … Continue reading

{Paleo} popcorn shrimp

{Paleo} popcorn shrimp | Rare Bird Collective

I was reading The World According to Garp the other day, which got me thinking about the movie Forrest Gump, and then all of a sudden I was in the kitchen making popcorn shrimp for dinner. Jonathan says this kind of behavior is indicative … Continue reading

{Paleo?} basil ice cream

basil ice cream | Rare Bird Collective

Let’s have an argument about whether or not this ice cream is “paleo.” I’m going to argue that it’s not, so you have to try to convince me that it is. Go easy on me, please. I struggle with logic. … Continue reading

grain free sandwich bread

Paleo Sandwich Bread | Rare Bird Collective

It turns out that the eleventh time’s the charm when you’re trying to make a perfect paleo sandwich bread. The majority of my ten “trial” loafs were edible, but only the eleventh incarnation was utterly amazing. Paleo sandwich bread is really hard to make. Because … Continue reading