{Paleo and Primal} breakfast…galette!

galette baked

{Gail Simmons, I’m obsessed with you and totally want your job, but} I am not a sophisticated foodie and I fumble often when it comes to a dish’s proper name. I had one such fumble this weekend, when I baked that … Continue reading

{Paleo} Peach Cobbler


Have peaches, will cobble{r}. Backstory first. The Sunday morning farmer’s market where we procure our weekly lot of produce is a special, special place. Always, like clockwork, the vendors simultaneously drop their prices to $1 a pound – for everything – at … Continue reading

Lamb and Eggplant Tangine {Paleo}

tangine 1

My brother and his wife went to Morocco for their honeymoon and all I got was this insane need to get stewy. Tangine it is! But hey, let’s chat for a minute. One sided, okay? Here goes. On the recommendation … Continue reading

three cheese avocado omelette soufflé

omelette souffle 3

Eggs are a staple food in our house – they’re delicious, highly nutritious, and even when they’re expensive, they’re cheap. I make family-sized soufflé omelettes once or twice a month as a simple, savory breakfast treat. Omelettes are awesome because … Continue reading