three cheese avocado omelette soufflé

omelette souffle 3

Eggs are a staple food in our house – they’re delicious, highly nutritious, and even when they’re expensive, they’re cheap. I make family-sized soufflé omelettes once or twice a month as a simple, savory breakfast treat. Omelettes are awesome because … Continue reading

{Primal and Paleo} blueberry waffles

grain free blueberry waffles | Rare Bird Collective

Waffles. Yum. Depending on the size of your iron, you should be able to get at least 3-5 large waffles out of this amount of batter.

A word on Dr. Christina Warinner’s “Debunking the Paleo Diet”

someone is wrong on the internet

I’m an enormous fan of Ted Talks. As a high school English teacher, I use them in my curriculum on a regular basis. When I ran into Dr. Christina Warinner’s Ted Talk entitled “Debunking the Paleo Diet,” I was intrigued. … Continue reading

{Paleo, grain-free, no added sugar} cinnamon raisin bread

paleo cinnamon bread | Rare Bird Collective

In case you missed it, I very recently perfected my paleo sandwich bread recipe. I’m now enthusiastically preparing to embark upon my voyage into breadmania. I’m starting out with a cinnamon raisin bread recipe because whenever I go to Whole Foods I catch a whiff of … Continue reading

{DIY} aging/antiquing new wood

photo 1

I found these fence boards on the 70% off pile at the Home Depot a few days ago. During the week or so prior, I’d been trolling the craigslist ads in search of some old wood for repurposing, with the idea that I’d … Continue reading